The Retroshare Project now has a presence on the newly formed Libera.Chat IRC network

The Retroshare Project now has a presence on the newly formed Libera.Chat IRC network created by former FOSS Freenode staffers. Drop in and say hello, invite your friends, share you Retroshare keys and shared interests!

Libera.Chat Servers

Webchat is available at
Information on connection via Tor
Matrix Gateway <– Encrypted SSL Connection <– Plaintext Connection

Alternative network servers are

(Use port 6667 for unencrypted, or the preferred port 6697 securely encrypted connection). Once you connect to Libera.Chat with your IRC client then you can issue

   /join #retroshare

To Register your nickname on the new Libera.Chat network you then issue

   /msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword

Libera.Chat Retroshare Chatrooms

The #retroshare chatroom is the Main public facing IRC chatroom. This is the main meet and greet chatroom for RetroShare. This IRC chatroom has a bi-directional relay to #retroshare on OFTC and to the retroshare room.

The #retroshare-community chatroom is a newly added IRC chatroom for the Retroshare Community at large. A community lounge for Retroshare users and their friends to exchange RS keys, share their hobbies and find shared interests. This is a more relaxed flavored community chatroom. There are no relays linked to this chat room.

Note: ##retroshare chatroom is a newly added added Offtopic and Offproject channel for visitors to play games, music, discuss politics, global warming, environmental issues etc. Statements, Opinions expressed by visitors although expected to be in a respectful manner are not necessarily reflective of the Retroshare Project itself. There are no relays linked to this chat room

The #retroshare-project chatroom is a newly added private RetroShare IRC chatroom for Retroshare founders, developers, beta-testers, builders and high level guests that are invited to share their interests with Retroshare or discuss the inner-workings of the RetroShare Project.

This private IRC chatroom has flags requiring users to have a encrypted connection, either know the key (password) to enter or be invited to enter. Under consideration would be a additional flag requiring users of this private chat room need to be registered on Libera.Chat network to enter. There are of course no relays linked to this private chat room.

Historical context

Following a internal conflict by Freenode staffers and the new Freenode owner, disgruntled staffers left Freenode to create the new FOSS Libera.Chat global network of IRC servers bringing along with a great many former Freenode parked open source big name projects and FOSS projects began migrating to Libera.Chat. Early in the initial phase of this falling out, my relations with several FOSS project developers and founders led me to begin submitting papers and requests to move the FOSS Free and Open Source Retroshare Project IRC presence from Freenode over to Libera.Chat. The Retroshare Project was awarded a Project Status by the Libera.Chat staffers along with the perks that status provides and we’ve been actively setting the #retroshare project channels up for guests and visitors.

Freenode to Libera.Chat staffers falling out sources

Freenode IRC staff quit after a new owner of Freenode LTD (allegedly) “seized” control of (the Freenode IRC) network

Major open source projects abandon Freenode following an alleged “hostile” takeover

Additional #RetroShare IRC channels, rooms on other IRC Networks
OFTC, Freenode, Rizon and SpotChat

OFTC #retroshare

  • Home
  • Webchat
  • IRC OFTC Servers #retroshare currently attached with a 2-way relay to #retroshare IRC chatroom.
  • ircs:// for SSL (alternative port: 9999), IPv4 and IPv6.
  • irc:// for non-SSL (alternative ports: 6668-6670, 7000), IPv4 and IPv6.

Freenode #retroshare

Rizon #retroshare

Spotchat #retroshare

IRC Network #retroshare search

Thanks again to Cyril, Dr. Bob and the RetroShare Developer core and staff, Drop in and be sure to register your nickname on the new Libera.Chat IRC Network. I look forward to visiting with you.


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