Retroshare moves to GitHub

Bye-bye SourceForge

While Sourceforge has been hosting the Retroshare project for a while, we decided to move to GitHub, for several reasons, including the need to upgrade from Subversion to Git that provides a more powerful handling of branches, tags, etc.

Moving to GitHub is a long term decision which has recently been accelerated by the need to better support contributions (pull requests) from our users. After some weeks trying the new setup, we’re quite happy with it, so it’s time to make the move more public. The code now is accessible using:

git clone

Releases for Windows and  MacOS are available on GitHub too.

In the name of the whole team, I would like to thank Sourceforge for their support and for the great service they provided to the Retroshare project over the years. At the time of writing, our website ( is still hosted on Sourceforge. The easiest way to link to it is

New PGP key

We have a new PGP key, which fingerprint is:

724C 97FB A2D3 C70A 2FB7 92FB E69A CFD0 0932 399B

 This key is used to sign releases and can also be used to contact the dev team securely at the following address:

New ppa

The ubuntu releases will now happen into a new ppa, which name is more consistent with the project. To use it, just do:

  • sudo apt-add-repository ppa:retroshare/unstable    (resp. /stable)
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install retroshare06

The new ppa is compatible with the old ppa, meaning that builds from the new ppa will always be considered as more recent by your system than builds from the old ppa.


Many thanks to Cave, AsamK, Sehraf, Chozabu, ASmith, who offered their time and knowledge in order to make the move to Git/GitHub as smooth as possible.

About Cyril

I'm sharing the lead of the RetroShare project with G10H4CK. I've been working on RetroShare for four years now.
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6 Responses to Retroshare moves to GitHub

  1. cyberkiller1 says:

    What about the OBS repository for OpenSUSE and other distros?

    • Cyril says:

      We hadn’t found the time to do it yet. As far as I understand that means preparing a few compilation scripts in the OBS format? If you’re motivated and want to do that for us, that’d be great!

      • cyberkiller1 says:

        Motivated yes, have skills no (I couldn’t make an rpm to save my life). But RS packages were always in the home:AsamK:RetroShare OBS repo, that was linked on the website in the past. Are they going to stay supported like before?

  2. Cyril says:

    AsamK is quite active in the project, so I think the support will continue.

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